Sunday, 1 September 2013

Clutch Control

This is a useful and important skill to learn as it will be needed in a variety of situations. Clutch control is used when you need to move very slowly for any length of time e.g., when parking or moving out of a tight space.
The best way to practice clutch control is to find a quite road and drive very slowly moving the clutch up and down between the bite point and the floor. While the clutch is up, the engine will need a few revs so press the gas slightly. Before putting the clutch down, release the gas otherwise there will be a loud roar when you put the clutch down and you will wake the neighbours! When the clutch is down, the car will feel like it is drifting or gliding along on its own.  You will know when the clutch is at biting point when the car starts to feel as if it is being ‘driven’ again. As well as developing this important skill, it will also help you gain a clearer sense of where the biting point is, helping you move off in different situations. 

Common Faults

There is only one thing that can go wrong here; moving the clutch up too quickly. You will know if you are doing this as it will feel as if you are on the back of a kangaroo!

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